Drive Safely in Wet Conditions

When it is raining heavily outside, the water can quickly build up and pond on the roadways. When the roads have a lot of water on them, it is possible for you to hydroplane with your vehicle. However, hydroplaning can be avoided by some safe practices.

When it is raining outside, drive slower than you normally would. Some recommend that drivers go at least five miles under the speed limit in wet road conditions. Don't use the cruise control when its raining. You want to be fully in control of your vehicle in poorer driving conditions. Make sure that you have good tires. A good set of tires will channel the water away for better traction.

If you need better tires on your vehicle to help prevent hydroplaning, contact the service professionals at our auto repair shop in Spokane. They can help you get the right tires for your vehicle, and they can perform other auto services as well.

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