Off-road Hazards and Deep Water are no Match for SUVs

While vehicles such as compact cars and sedans certainly have their place, they don't usually tend to do well in adverse weather conditions. Unlike these smaller vehicles, sports utility vehicles (SUV) are well-known for taking inclement weather conditions in stride. Indeed, many mainstream SUVs offer enhanced resistance to flood waters as well as the ability to off-road with ease. Here at Subaru of Spokane, we enjoy helping people who are in the market for their next SUV make informed buying choices.

Many SUVs include raised suspensions in their designs. Combined with thicker and larger tires, these suspensions can raise the engine compartments of such vehicle's well off of the ground. This, in turn, allows SUVs to negotiate deeper waters than vehicles which lack such advantages.

These highly capable SUV suspension systems also come in handy during trips off-road. Rural routes that offer dirt roads or even more primitive driving conditions can test and defeat the suspensions of smaller vehicles. Unlike such vehicles, most SUVs include suspension components created to withstand the toughest off-road driving conditions that you might encounter.



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