Differentials Help Distinguish Modern Cars From Old Designs

The invention of the vehicle differential was a miracle of modern car construction. This regulatory device is made from a collection of gears that allow an engine to torque and turn shafts at various rates. In short, a differential helps your engine do many powered jobs at once. It would be very tough to drive an antique car without a differential setup.

When a differential problem happens, it will be very noticeable during actions like steering your vehicle through turns. There might also be non-typical sounds when you start your car, when it comes to an idle, or when your accelerate.

Differential operation requires an extremely precise gear ratio setting. Only experts like the specialists at Subaru of Spokane are trained to make sure these ratios are achieved during repair. Often, internal gears become worn. They can even break. This is detrimental to your vehicle’s operation. Extreme wear and broken gear teeth warrants the complete replacement of a differential body. Again, this is a job for an experienced mechanic. Problems with a differential could also affect the smooth operation of the drive systems that rely on it for power and coordination.



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