Keeping Headlights Bright

While you're driving during the winter months, the proper use of your headlights is crucial, especially if you know you'll be driving in snow, rain, or other hazardous conditions. Your headlights should be bright enough so that you can be seen and so that other people can see you on the road.

Before heading out on the road, you need to make sure there is nothing obstructing your headlights. Visit Subaru of Spokane to have someone check your lights to ensure that each one works as it should and that there are no issues with the wires or the bulbs. Don't forget to check your bright lights as well, as these are often used while you're on the road alone or in situations where there are no street lights.

When you have your headlights on, pay attention to whether they appear to dim and get bright when you stop and start your vehicle. Avoid over-driving your lights, as you should leave plenty of room for stopping as far as you can see on the road.



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