Understanding the Importance of the Serpentine Belt

No, a serpentine belt isn't a snake that sits inside your vehicle's motor, however it is named after one. The serpentine belt is a long and winding belt that transfers power from the main drive shaft to many different parts of your motor. The belt can become stretched or worn over time, causing it to slip and for different parts of your vehicle to lose power. If you notice this start to occur, we can replace your serpentine belt at Subaru of Spokane.

The serpentine belt helps many different parts of your car function. From power steering, the alternator, the A/C system, and even the water pump. Rather than have individual motors for all of these, it just makes sense to use the main drive motor and a belt to transport that power around. This is the purpose of the serpentine belt.

If one of these systems start to fail, it is only a matter of time before the others start to go as well. Do not be caught without power or A/C on a hot summer day, bring your vehicle to our Subaru service depot in Spokane for service today.

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