Protect Your Auto Investment With a Durable Car Cover

Your vehicle is likely one of the most expensive things that you own, so you want to ensure that it's protected from the weather and scratches. A car cover keeps your paint in the best condition possible, as well as other features of your vehicle, such as the windows and the exterior mirrors.

Car covers provide extra padding to protect the exterior of your vehicle, whether you have a small car or a large SUV. They can be used over your car while it sits in your driveway or while it's in a parking lot, protecting this important asset that you have from incidents like doors opening and scratching your paint or carts that might hit your vehicle.

At Subaru of Spokane, we offer car covers that can protect your vehicle as well as services that can help to remove scratches from the surface if any are present. Our service department works to keep your vehicle looking like it just left the showroom floor.



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