Why is Your Tire Pressure Light Turned On?

Vehicles made after 2007 come equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system. This system is designed to tell you when the tire pressure in one or more tires is either too high or too low. Both under inflation and over inflation can cause problems, so it is important to pay attention to the warning light.

Just because your tire pressure monitoring system light comes on doesn't mean that you have a puncture, and your tire is about to go flat. Air pressure in the tires can fluctuate. This is especially true in weather extremes that can change air pressure by as much as one psi per ten degrees of temperature. Air also is lost over the course of time for no particular reason.

If your tire pressure light comes on in Spokane, come to our auto service shop for a tire inspection. The service department can air up the tires, repair tires or replace tires as needed.

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