Are Summer Tires Better the Better Choice Than All-Season Tires?

Our auto service team at Subaru of Spokane wants to inform residents of the proper tires that should be on your car as the warmer weather approaches. While all-season tires are ideal for most of the year, the summer tires give drivers an advantage this time of year.

The summer tires will help to improve stopping distance, increase handling, and allow the vehicle to ride better when cornering. The grooves you see on the all-season tires are not as important in summer. In fact, the fewer grooves mean more tread coming in contact with the road. Unique tread patterns in the summer tires help to dispel water from the tires so the rubber meets the road and reduces the chances your car skids or hydroplanes.

If you want your car tires inspected or would like to have summer tires installed, visit our Spokane service center and our tire technicians will take care of your needs.

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