Make a Simple and Effective Roadside Emergency Kit

Packing and keeping a roadside emergency bag in your vehicle will ensure you are not stranded helplessly on the highway with car issues. Road flares should be in the kit and set a few hundred feet up the road from the car so traffic has a chance to slow. Keep at least two flashlights in the vehicle, one to flag for help and the other for making repairs. Be sure you have plenty of spare batteries in your kit.

Tire fix-a-flat can be a lifesaver if your tire is down. It will get the tire up off that rim long enough to move the car just far enough to get help. A blanket will keep you or passengers warm if stuck overnight in the cold waiting for help to find you.

Your friends at the Subaru of Spokane car repair facility created this emergency roadside kit guide to keep you and your family safe on the highway.

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