Pay Closer Attention to the Health of the Car Tires

Knowing what to look for when a tire may be close to failing can make all the difference in avoiding a tire blowout. Here are a couple things to consider with the health of your car tires.

The tire treads should not have any cracks or bulges. If they do, this could easily cause the tire to fail at high speeds. To avoid them blowing out, bring the car in for a service check so a professional can look closely at the treads.

The tire pressure sensors in your vehicle might show all the tires are low a pound or two, but this could simply be a result of the air that naturally escapes the tires at a pound a month, or a huge drop in the temperature of ten degrees that will drop the tire pressure by another pound.

Visit Subaru of Spokane and schedule your tire rotation appointment so we can pay closer attention to your tire treads throughout the year.



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