LATCH on to Evolving Vehicle Safety Standards

Our chief goal at Subaru of Spokane is to help you find a vehicle that accommodates your finances, gets you from here to there, looks great and is the safest for you and your family. That's where LATCH comes in, a system of child seat attachment hardware currently getting a revamp from the IIHS. Here's how.

Why LATCH Ratings Matter:

You're much more likely to install child car seat restraints correctly when you use LATCH, says the IIHS. Unfortunately, LATCH isn't always easy to use. The tethers and anchors aren't universal and often accompany confusing hardware. That's exactly why the IIHS designed LATCH ratings. The ratings may compel current LATCH manufacturers to create LATCH hardware that conforms to the ratings. With more conformity comes universal LATCH hardware that is easy to locate and use. The use of universal LATCH hardware also ensures widespread correct installation of child car seat restraints and enhanced safety for entire families when on the road.

The Gist of LATCH Ratings

There are four LATCH ratings: Good, Acceptable, Marginal and Poor. The ratings take second- and third-row LATCH and child car seats into mind. The ratings criteria encompass notes on several key characteristics, such as clearance angles and lower anchor accessibility. The ratings can help you choose vehicles whose LATCH system is easy, highly sturdy and safe for long commutes and/or short jaunts through town.



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