Hydroplaning represents a severe hazard for drivers. Once a vehicle hydroplanes, getting it under control becomes difficult. A crash may then become likely. Drivers should learn defensive skills to deal with hydroplaning and also learn about ways to avoid the situation from occurring.

Unfortunately, reducing the chances of hydroplaning to zero might not be possible in bad weather. Wet roads can become slick, causing vehicles to slide or skid. Keep clear of puddles and staying far from the road's edge, a spot where water collects. Avoiding obvious wet spots on the road seems advisable.

Equally prudent is employing good driving habits in Spokane. Speeding, tailgating, braking hard, and otherwise driving increases risks. Drive safe under all conditions, but be extra safe during and after bad weather.

Make sure your car is properly serviced, too. You want the tires in good condition. At Subaru of Spokane, our service team can help with tires care and much more.



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