Subaru of Spokane wants to remind you just how important your car battery is. If you have ever been stranded in the parking lot at the end of a long day at work because your car won't start, you understand how vital this topic is. Batteries can really be impacted by fluctuations in temperature.

Really cold weather is tough on your car battery. There is a lot of added strain that is going to be put on it that it does not have to endure much of the rest of the year. Continual use during the coldest part of the year can result in your battery going dead on you.

A similar thing can occur if it gets really hot for a few days in a row. As it gets hotter, more power gets drained off your battery. As much as 50 percent of its juice can go within days. You can ask Subaru of Spokane any questions about your battery that you might have.


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