Subaru has long been trusted as a reliable brand for all types of terrain. Recently, the Subaru Outback Wilderness was created to give you an off-road specialty ride. Now, that lineup is expanding. The 2022 Subaru Forester Wilderness has been announced and it will add to this adventure-specific lineup.

This new trim level is set to add more features that are catered toward off-road driving. You can expect to find a suspension lift, all-terrain tires, and more ground clearance than you have standard on most other Subaru vehicles. There will be other versatility features which are similar to the Outback Wilderness, which includes specialized colors and badging, plus added capacity on the roof of the vehicle to pitch a rooftop tent among other features.

The excitement certainly will grow and we're here to provide more information on the new 2022 Forester Wilderness when it arrives at our dealership.

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